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We Offer :- Pseudomonas Denitrificans

We Mitushi Pharma is amongst the most prominent enterprise actively engaged in providing a comprehensive array of Pseudomonas Denitrificans. These Pseudomonas Denitrificans are precisely processed under the guidance of our skilled vendors using the best quality ingredients and technology following industry norms. To meet various needs of the clients, we offer these Pseudomonas Denitrificans products in various packings. Clients can avail these products from us at market leading prices.


Live Yeast Culture Dry Yeast:
Our clients can avail from us an extensive range of Yeast Extract (Powder), which is widely used for seasoning formulations as a flavor enhancer. Offered at competitive price, these powders are packed carefully to avoid leakage.

We are offering Pre- Probiotic (Individual, Blend and ready to fill) as per customer composition. Customer get complete solution of probiotic at our end.

Bromelain is a protein-digesting (proteolytic) enzyme complex found in the fruit and, in higher concentrations, in the stem of the pineapple (Ananas comosus). It is able to hydrolyze or break down a wide variety of protein types in a range of both acid and alkaline environments.
Papain, also known as papaya proteinase I, is a cysteine protease enzyme present in papaya and mountain papaya
Astaxanthin is a carotenoid. It belongs to a larger class of phytochemicals known as terpenes, which are built from five carbon precursors; isopentenyl diphosphate and dimethylallyl diphosphate
β-Carotene is a strongly colored red-orange pigment abundant in plants and fruits. It is an organic compound and chemically is classified as ahydrocarbon and specifically as a terpenoid (isoprenoid), reflecting its derivation from isoprene units. β-Carotene is biosynthesized fromgeranylgeranyl pyrophosphate.[3] It is a member of the carotenes, which are tetraterpenes, synthesized biochemically from eight isoprene units and thus having 40 carbons. Among this general class of carotenes, β-carotene is distinguished by having beta-rings at both ends of the molecule. Absorption of β-carotene is enhanced if eaten with fats, as carotenes are fat soluble.
Gut Probiotic is our research product and we did field trials with all region of india and our customer got so many benefits of using our Gut probiotic product.

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Within a short span of 9 years, we have been able to carve a niche in both the domestic and international market by offering a wide range of Probiotic and Enzymes forPharma, Food & Feed Supplements. Our range of products includes Probiotic , Enzymes, Sacchromyces cerevisiae, Sacchromyces boulardii, Lactobacillus species, Bifidobacterium species, Bacillus species, Streptococcus species, Clostridium species, Fructo Oligosaccharide, Bromelain,Papain,Pepsin,Pancreatine,Serratiopeptidase, Amylase, Cellulase,Alpha Galactosiade,Invertase, Arabinase,Yeast Beta Glucan, Zinc EDTA, EDTA Disodium, EDTA Tetrasodium, Sodium, Di Calcium Phosphate (IP/BP/USP/Feed), Tri Calcium Phosphate (IP/BP/USP). Veterinary Products such as Niacin IP/Feed, Feed Supplements, Vitamin E 50 percent Feed Grade, Calcium D Pantothenate, DL-Methionine Feed Grade, Toxin Binder, Mannan Oligosaccharide (MOS), Sodium Butyrate Coated, Betain Hydrochloride, Phytase.

We formulate a wide range of animal feed supplements, which are known for excellent nutritional content. These animal feed supplements can be mixed with fodder and have an extra shelf life. We are successfully catering to the needs of pharmaceutical, food, detergent, textile & ceramic industries across the globe. Rajvi Enterprise is our sister concern. Our organization always strive to implement the latest and advanced technology in our working and production methodology to deliver the best-in-class range of feed supplements used in veterinary and pharmaceutical formulations. The development and success of our organization is because we have been able to gain total customer satisfaction and win the trust of reputed clientele like Intas Pharmaceuticals and Pharmanza India Ltd.




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